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The Bahamas Contractors Association (BCA) is irate and their depending on the government to right a longstanding wrong, at a multi-million-dollar downtown hotel project.

The BCA is urging the government to consider Bahamian contractors to work on the Pointe Development.

Association President, Leonard Sands, said while there’s the claim only specialized workers are needed, this has proven untrue.

“What is now happening is that the specialized skills that they were claiming that only these persons can do, we see those same persons laying blocks and doing other types of work that Bahamians do all the time,” he said.

“And so we’re just stressing the fact that we have a lot of persons sitting down at home in construction who ask us to ask the question well why can’t we be used to do that kind of stuff.

“So as an association, we have a responsibility to speak to that and say let us ask the question why can’t my local brothers and sisters be used to do that work because they can do it.”

Mr. Sands said The BCA is calling on the government to be honest with them.

“We’re part of a project that the ratio would be 70 per cent Bahamian and 30 percent Chinese.

“That specific information has not been shared with us and we’d like to know when because we have a large group of people in our community who are contractors, laborers who are very skilled trades persons who are sitting out there wanting to know when is their time to work on the development.”

Mr. Sands added that there are more than enough Bahamian contractors readily available to do the job.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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