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Bahamian Chinese Community Speaks Out

The Bahamian Chinese Community Association of The Bahamas (CCA)  is  outraged in the wake of disturbing videos circulating on social media coupled with a recent television report that they say distorted and damaged the public’s perception of them.

The organization made it clear in a release that it has been under contract with the Bahamas Waste Management’s biodiesel division over two years.

They also explain that the grease pit at the location in question was full at the time and in need of clearing due to the inability to collect on time. 

According to the organization, the number of restaurants that participate in the program is expected to increase as they make efforts to expand this initiative.

They would also wish to clarify that the restaurants featured in the video are equipped with both cesspits and grease pits as mandated by local laws. 

They also wish to confirm that both pits never meet and never make their way into the kitchen once they have been extracted. 

They also said, “we are certain that this unfortunate misunderstanding has been fully explained and will now be put to rest.” 

The Association  added, “we  are deeply hurt and   offended  by the scurrilous unfounded accusation which have been targeted at our community and aired by a certain television news industry and across social media without any real attempt to investigate the truth.”

They warned that such videos are incredibly not only to their establishments,  but also breed contempt and encourage prejudice “which is not a practice in the Christian  nation we grew up in and call home”. 

As Bahamians, they said that they are prepared to do all within their legal rights to ensure that their names and the confidence of other Bahamians is fully restored. 


Written by Jones Bahamas

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