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The tourist industry is growing by double digits, but the President of Baha Mar Graeme Davis says  there is  more the Bahamian community can do to for when tourist arrive.

Besides innovative ideas to create a better experience for tourists, Mr. Davis said that businesses should invest more in the upkeep of their establishments.

“I think there are some wonderful experiences at Arawak Cay and downtown has a tremendous opportunity. I encourage every shop owner, land lord to go paint your building and at least clean up your existing footprint that you’re in,” Davis said.

Drawing reference to the success at Baha Mar, Davis says they spend quite  a bit of money on their up keep.

“At Baha Mar I spend nine million dollars per year just to clean. And that’s just for local Bahamians to make sure every detail is taken care of. I probably spend close to 20 million when it comes to maintenance.  I ask how many downtown business people paint their buildings and keep that clean and detailed so that when our guests go down there it looks immaculate and detailed in every way?,” Davis said.

He was speaking at a  forum  on tourism Tuesday  in the JCN Television facility. Mr. Davis  praised the unique experience that the Bahamas offers in relation to other Caribbean destinations.

The Bahamas, he said has world class properties and there is the  unique opportunity to open up, build and create a whole new market for travelers, not just in New Providence but also the family islands.

Mr.Davis said the Bahamas must begin to capitalize on what it has.

“The accolades the Bahamas is getting today is that this is the fourth best island to come and visit, it’s the hot new destination. We’re on the cusp and it’s important that the community, the culture and everyone buy into that and start to reinvest into what they’re doing,” Davis said.

Minister of tourism Dionisio D’Agulair was also in attendance at the Forum.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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