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Atillio Holdings Limited has fired back at a scathing audited report that raised concerns surrounding the company’s potential for conflicts of interests and other improprieties, which stemmed from lease agreements with the Ministry of Finance for three apartments. 

Now the company wants a retraction of the audit report.

It was reported  that Atillio – an affiliate of roadwork contractor, Bahamas Striping group of companies – had no apparent business history or evident qualifications as a real estate broker or leasing agent. 

Further, payment records and documentary evidence indicated  that while the Ministry executed just one lease agreement by signature, it initially made payments to Atillio for up to three apartments. 

The audit also found no evidence that the housing needs addressed by the Atillio properties were subject to competitive bidding or put before the government tenders board (GTB) for consideration. 

There was the added issue that Atillio leases represented a questionable value for money as comparable apartments for rent advertised online are listed for substantially less. 

In an extensive press release, Atillio first made it clear that despite questions surrounding its qualifications as a real estate broker, it is a reputable company that values individual and collective integrity. 

On these grounds, the firm builds its case for the audit’s statements to be retracted considering the potential damage to its company’s name, brand and reputation. 

From the onset, Atillio said it found it extremely disappointing to question who owns the apartments when the Ministry of Finance knew quite well, it was the owner with the mortgage through the Royal Bank of Canada. 

As it relates to the assertion that the leases represented questionable value for money, Atillio insisted that the Ministry of Finance Human Resource Department negotiated with and informed them of their need for living accommodations allowing for different consultants to occupy the rentals on a rotational basis – every two to three weeks. 

In some instances, they required multiple occupancies per unit. 

The available units, it said, were assessed by the Ministry of Finance and that during the negotiations, the Ministry stipulated it would be Atillio’s responsibility to clean and make ready the units during the rotational period between outgoing and incoming consultants. 

Additionally, the Ministry negotiated for Atillio to pay monthly utilities and bill the Ministry without an associated service fee. 

It added that it is grossly unfair to make the comparison to a standard online listing while knowingly ignoring all the relating factors that impacts the value proposition.

Atillio also questioned why these facts were not included in the report, adding the BSGC does not engage in price gouging and to make such assertions is not only reckless, but defamatory and egregious. 

Atillio also questioned the true motive behind the audit, considering no professional courtesy was given to seek information from BSGC, its principals or executives. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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