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A Painful Process

The  government of the Bahamas is  under fire from a number of community organizations, including  Human Rights activists  on  over the resettlement  of  hundreds of  residents  who were  uprooted from so-called Shantytowns. 

 The main  question being asked is: where are these people going to live? 

Although some members of the clergy support the move by the government,  the process is being called “painful”  for the residents.

However, Bahamas  Christian  Council  First  Vice  President, Archdeacon  James Palacious  has praised  the government on the widespread consultation done on the decision to eradicate Shantytowns.

Local  human rights groups have not been easy on the government when it came to demolishing shantytowns throughout the country.

They argue that it is unconstitutional to move someone out of their homes and that many of the residents cannot  find accommodations elsewhere.

However, Archdeacon Palacious  congratulated the government on its widespread consultation on the issue, adding that the exercise is being done as humanely as possible.

He said, “you cannot have two sets of laws operating where people can build indiscriminately and  in an unsanitary manner,  in violation  to set building codes. In this case it’s  like no law and so we have no problem with that.”

  Reverend  Palacious  says  that this is a very painful process for himself and for residents.

He said, “I know the government is saying it has an inventory of some 200 units where the displaced  people can go and rent.  Well,  that’s only a part of the issue. 

“The reality is where you will get first and last month’s rent from and in addition to that,  their salaries very often are basic minimum wage type salaries. Are they able now to pay for apartments that are for rent for 5 or $600 a month?” he asked.

The government has imposed an August 10th eviction deadline for all shantytown residents except those in Abaco, who have been given until next year.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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