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$11.5million to build new Junior High in GB

The government has secured two contracts totaling over $11 million for the completion of the first ever West Grand Bahama Junior High-School in Holmes Rock, Grand Bahama.


Prime Minister Perry Christie during the ground breaking of the facility said improving the education sector is a major feat for any government.


“Governance is never, never easy. In a country like the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, we are a chain of islands spread over 100,000 square miles of ocean. There is a compelling obligation to recognize that every child in every part of our Commonwealth deserves to share in what our country has to give,” Mr. Christie said.


“So even though we are here today, we have to be mindful of the obligation of the Minister of Education to know that the child in Bimini or the child in Inagua or the child in Mayaguana, that child is looking to the Central Government to give him and her an opportunity to be the best they can at all times.”


The Prime Minister noted that this move along with his recent trip to London to meet with major Grand Bahama stakeholders were key moments in keeping with his promise to invest into the island in general.


“We wanted to continue with the process we initiated through Parliament in changing the face of how Freeport is operated,” he said


“All must be ready to move to a new paradigm in the operations of Freeport and you will see that happen before your very eyes; you will participate for the betterment of Grand Bahama and yourselves in what is going to take place.”


Moreover, in keeping with its mandate to impact the country’s graduation percentage, Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald said the institution will only play a small role in students’ passion for learning.


“Parents must encourage their children to take full advantage of the educational experience but more importantly, to take ownership and responsibility for their education. As we invest in this West Grand Bahama community, we hope to yield a return of a 100 percent graduation rate from the day these doors are open until they close,” he said.


“It is my hope that the residents of West Grand Bahama will see this new school as more than just a building but the laying of a foundation for a solid future. This is not just a matter of erecting a building for our students, but [that] what is taught and learned ends up building our students.”


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Urban works and Development Phillip Davis and Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe also brought remarks during the ground breaking ceremony last week.


The $11.5 million dollar facility is expected to be completed over the next 18 months.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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