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Young Mother Shot Dead

The country’s latest murder victim was planning for her wedding in July, however following a late night shooting outside her residence early Thursday morning, her family will now be planning her funeral.

According to police reports, the victim, bride to be, Donnae Clarke, the mother of two, was shot multiple times along with another male while outside her Lee Street residence in Nassau Village.

“Residents informed police that a male friend of the woman was also shot and left in a vehicle en route to hospital,” officials said.

“The male friend crashed on his way to hospital in a vehicle on East Street near Cordeaux Avenue. He was transported to hospital where he remains in serious condition.”

The Bahama Journal spoke with a noticeably shaken up Aliyah Clarke, the sister of the victim, who gave an account of what took place.

“It was a lot of shots and it was close. We thought it was right in front of our door. Shortly after that, a boy was banging on our door.  It was her baby daddy saying ‘help him, his brother got shot,’ but we didn’t come outside because we were scared,” she said.

“So our neighbour after all of that, came over and called me and I didn’t answer because I was still scared. He called me and asked if we didn’t know who it was out there and he said, ‘that’s your sister Donnae.’”

Aliyah said it was at that point when she ran outside without thinking to find her sister and the neighbour, a nurse tending to her.

“I was talking to her, my neighbour was checking her pulse and she just told me to talk to her,” she said.

“I was saying ‘oh you can’t leave us now, you still have your baby and your daughter here to live for, be strong.’ She just kept saying hmmm hmmm and then the ambulance came.”

Aliyah said she got the call at 1:05 a.m. exactly that her sister was gone.

The Journal asked Aliyah and her other sister Amanda Clarke if they knew who would want to do this to their sister, they both said no one, as she was not “that type of person.”

“She’s not that type of person for anyone to want to hurt her,” Amanda said.

Donnae and her male friend were shot by an unknown suspect, according to police.

“Someone followed him here because he is in and out of jail and gangs. He just dragged my sister to her death,” Aliyah said.

The young man who was wounded was the father of Donna’s four-year-old daughter who was in the house asleep at the time.

As for her premature baby girl, she is still in hospital.

Police have no suspects in custody as yet, but The Journal was told they were speaking with the victim’s mother as investigations continue.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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