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WSC Union Wants Police Investigation

President of the Water and Sewerage Management Union, Ednell Rolle has  expressed grave concern, particularly about the privacy of employees as union members allege that they are secretly being recorded.

Mr. Rolle is now calling for an investigation into these allegations. However, he told reporters that the Executive Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, Adrian Gibson told managers that he will not call in police to investigate these allegations. To this Mr. Rolle says there must be something to hide.

“If  the corporation had said listen,  we don’t use listening devices,  but since your managers have some fears we’ll bring the police in, let them do a sweep and  they’ll prove we don’t have [any]. 

” But they haven’t done that. He’s actually refused to bring in the police. So, as a manager, you have to be suspicious. What is going on?” Mr. Rolle said.  

For  two days [Tuesday and Wednesday], union members withdrew their enthusiasm at WSC offices, throughout The Bahamas with union workers sitting out on the lawn of the company’s headquarters.

Mr. Rolle said another major bone of contention for the Management Union is the Industrial Agreement.

“The Chairman, who happens to be a lawyer, which makes him an officer of the court, is telling us that he is not prepared [and] that he has to sign out the benefit in order for him to sign the Industrial Agreement. 

“We  in the corporation had an argument over this benefit and we took it to court. And the court said yes, the Union is entitled to this benefit. 

“The Chairman is obviously upset with the court ruling and has told us, that while that benefit exists,  he is not going to sign the agreement. 

“I mean what are we saying? If you are upset with the judge, take it up with the judge, not us. And because he did that, we then filed for damages. That case was heard October 26. Now all we are waiting for is ruling from the court  as to how much damages the Union is entitled to,” Mr. Rolle said. 

Director of Labour, John Pinder confirmed that the Bahamas Utilities Services and Allied Workers Union has four disputes filed that are being conciliated. A meeting is scheduled for the 11 April.

The Unions say they are waiting quick action on pressing issues. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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