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The board and management of The Water And Sewage Corporation (WSC)  are “taken aback” by comments made by Bahamas Utilities Services And Allied Workers Union President (BUSAWU) Dwayne Woods last week. 

Mr.Woods  has accused the Corporation  of rolling back benefits agreed in the Industrial Agreement.

 WSC Board Chairman Adrian Gibson  said that after consultation with Works Minister Desmond Bannister, they intend to set the record straight. 

He said, “frankly, much of the rabble-rousing seen is simply due to one man not wanting to return to work.

“Nothing can be further from the truth. At no point has WSC’s management sought to vary or aggravate its agreement with the union.

“We are guided by the Industrial Relations Act, and as an attorney,  I can tell you that strict adherence to the agreement is consistently and persistently emphasized by me.”, he said. 

Mr. Gibson added that unlike any other union president in The Bahamas, Mr. Woods has been on administrative leave which has come at a great cost to the Bahamian taxpayer. 

The chairman also shared that Mr. Woods draws a salary of approximately $60,000 per year,  coupled with accrued vacation leave, accrued sick leave, and enjoys all of the benefits without ever coming to work.  

He said, “Mr. Woods has not performed a day’s work for WSC in years. In addition to drawing his free salary from WSC, Mr. Woods pays himself an addition $2,000 or so as the union president.”

He added, “the union also pays for other perks such as cell phone, airfare whenever and wherever he travels, and we are told gasoline for his vehicle.”

The Chairman said, “Mr. Woods was even paid a proficiency pay by WSC. He was astoundingly paid a partial increment in 2013, and has requested increments and additional benefits . He’s also requested promotions and upward mobility. This is all while having no job description.”, he said. 

This was brought to the union president’s attention in a letter dated May 9th, 2016. 

The chairman added that Mr. Woods responded to that letter on June 16th, 2016,  saying that he should get increments on the promotion of industrial harmony, supporting a five-year industrial agreement, conducting the process of the collective bargaining on behalf of the union, and minimizing strike action in five years. 

These were among 21 reasons that Mr. Woods listed. 

Mr. Gibson said, “the then GM wrote him on the 25th June 2016 stating that the significant majority of the activities outlined in the letter to justify and enhance increments are associated with his position as union president.”

For which, he added, that WSC already granted Mr. Woods the benefit of leave. 

Mr. Woods was then told that management cannot support or supply additional increment.

Mr. Gibson also said that the board has consulted their attorneys to strike out the union’s writ of summons to the matters stated. 

He also reemphasized that WSC does not intend to impede Mr. Woods in performing his union duties. However, he says he is to return to the job.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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