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Woman Leaps To Death


A woman, who appeared dazed and confused, committed suicide yesterday by jumping off a bridge behind a popular tourist spot.

The unidentified woman’s body was pulled from waters in the Arawak Cay area yesterday morning at 8:30.

Earlier in the day eyewitnesses spotted the woman walking barefoot.

Little Hut Restaurant waitress Lakeisha Ingraham said she saw the young woman just minutes before the tragedy. She said the woman was acting strange as she came into the restaurant “looking for my kids.”

“From I saw her I said something wasn’t right,” Ms. Ingraham said.

“When she went straight behind the bar the gentleman asked me if I knew her and I said no I don’t. So he asked her if she was looking for something and she said she was looking for her children with a smile on her face.”

She continued, “She looked like she was losing it…I went to my [grandmother] when I saw this woman, I said this woman looked psychotic, come talk to her. But she was busy so she couldn’t move.”

Once she left the restaurant, Ms. Ingraham said she spotted the woman, who is between 25 and 30, collecting garbage.

Another eyewitness, who works on Arawak Cay, also noticed the victim when she came in the restaurant and agreed that she did not appear to be in her right mind.

She said the victim looked sick.

A few minutes later, the eyewitness said she heard the female jumped into the water.

“When I looked over the bridge, she was dead.”

Officer-in-Charge of the Central Division Superintendent Ashton Greenslade said officers acted immediately once they were notified.

A reserve officer pulled the victim’s body from the water and placed her on to shore just at the rear of the Frankie Gone Banana’s Restaurant.

While Superintendent Greenslade could not say how long the woman was in the water before she was pulled out, an eyewitness said it was about 15 minutes.

He urged the public, especially those who might be going through hard times or having difficulty to seek professional help from either a pastor or family member and talk about the issue in order to prevent these types of incidents from happening.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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