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Wilchcombe Disagrees With Wharf Redevelopment Concept

Adopting a view held by his party, former Tourism Minister Obie Wilchombe does not agree with the government’s plans for the Prince George Wharf.


It was recently announced that UK-based Global Ports Holding had won the multi-million dollar bid to redevelop and manage the Wharf.


However, Mr. Wilchcombe is advising the government to take a page out of the Nassau Airport Development model.


“NAD really was the idea, dealing with the project were Bahamians and we worked with Vancouver in the first instance.”


“So what we need is to put a NAD together and then we can seek a management team that will work with that Bahamian grouping to call for the management of the property,” he said.


Aside from that, Mr. Wilchcombe contends that Global Ports’ design for the Prince George Wharf just doesn’t create a sense of place.


He said, “one of the things when we negotiated the airport with Vancouver  that was one of the driving factors is  a sense of place, where’s the sense of place at?


“I need that to represent  the Bahamian people,  so with that if you think about it, there will be new cost, a new paradigm, revenue  and at the end of the day,  I believe that the Bahamian people should be looking at it in a totally different way. I don’t agree with the way we’re doing it right now,” he said.


The former Cabinet Minister does agree with the government ‘s  argument that the port needs to be improved.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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