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It  is as if a war in going on in New Providence.However, Police believe that the seven homicides recorded  in less than a week are not related.

Then,  since psychologists have long opined that  crime is the fever chart of a sick society, the Bahamian society is apparently sick indeed.

 Just yesterday afternoon two men were shot and killed on Cox Street in Fox Hill.

According to reports, Tameko Major a Correctional Officer and Bernard Anestor were the victims in a double homicide  which occurred  during the downpour of rain.  A few hours earlier, yesterday morning,   a 65-year-old security guard was robbed, shot and killed at A.F. Adderley High School.

His killers – the two armed robbers – are still on the loose as is the case in a number of similar crimes.

Despite what has amounted to daily bloodshed, authorities are  assuring that crime in The Bahamas is still down, and they’re looking at the numbers to prove it.

Those seven deaths pushed the homicide count to 50, heightening the fear of crime, but according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Emrick Seymour, this same time last year that count stood at 69.

“The Bahamas is still a safe place for all. We just ask the members of the public, as they go about their daily chores to just be aware of their surroundings,” he said.


“Crime is down, once we continue on this trend and trajectory, crime will continue to go down, but that will not happen with the initiatives of the police alone,” he added.


“The vast majority of Bahamians are in fact law abiding citizens, and we need all stakeholders to hold our hands to ensure that we continue along this trend.


“But we want to ensure members of the public that they can go about their daily chores, just please be aware of your surroundings as you do so.


For its part, DCP Seymour said the RBPF is tightening its operational strategies.

“Members of the public can then expect the police department to intensify their efforts going forward on the streets, as we move resolutely in our policing efforts in addressing not only these recent incidents,but all acts of criminality that is brought to our attention.


They can rest assured that Nassau and indeed the entire Bahamas is a safe place for all of us.

Pride Estates resident, Errol Williams, was killed after 4am yesterday morning while sitting in his vehicle on the AF Adderley Campus on Baillou Road and Tonique Williams-Darling Highway.

Police said at the time, Williams got into an altercation with his assailants, one of whom fired a shot at the 65-year-old security officer before running off. Williams died on the scene.

The early morning tragedy came within just six hours after 36-year-old Anthony Brice was shot and killed in the area of step street, Fox Hill.

Late yesterday  afternoon, there was a shooting on Cox Street in Fox Hill.  One man was left dead in the rain and another seriously injured.

This past Saturday night, police responded to a similar scene on Refuge Court, Hollywood Subdivision, off Cowpen Road, when Wilton Brown was fatally shot in front of his children soon after arriving home.

Earlier that same day, brothers – Delano and Malik Cartwright – were killed in a Jerome Avenue barber shop.

The Wednesday prior, it was Saintonas Jonas of Bacardi Road.


Police have issued wanted posters in the case of the all the matters.


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