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Visa Fraud Allegations Investigated By Police

Attorney General Carl Bethel says that his office will carry out due administration of law  in The Bahamas in regard to recent information surfacing surrounding alleged visa fraud in the Department of Immigration.

Speaking with reporters just before the weekly Cabinet meeting, Mr. Bethel said that when he learned of the allegations, he instructed that the information be forwarded to the Anti-Corruption Unit of the police force. 

“As soon as I received a copy of the sworn affidavit lodged in Foreign Proceedings, it named certain names, I was in Paris at the time, I immediately forwarded it to my officials and instructed that it be referred to the Anti-Corruption Unit since early last week,” Mr. Bethel said. 

He added however, that what they are, are unverified allegations made against Bahamian Public Servants in Foreign Proceedings and it is owed not only to the administration of justice, but also to those affected to review the matter. 

“If  there is nothing that can substantiate it, that would be known; if there is some other problem, well, that will also be dealt with, Mr. Bethel said.  

Minister of National Security Marvin Dames confirmed that Federal Bureau of Investigation is working with the Royal Bahamas Police Force, briefing them on matters concerning the allegations.

“As the police work with the FBI and as they receive their briefing, because I know that the Commissioner had a recent meeting and he and his team will be briefed shortly on what information that may be out there that may be in possession of the FBI.

“They will have an opportunity to look at that and to make some determination from that information again as to whether there is anything in there that may implicate anyone here and whether any laws here in The Bahamas have been broken,” Mr. Dames said.

Mr. Dames however, says that if it is found that improprieties have taken place those involved will be dealt with. 

“If  it is found out that evidence does in fact exist and that persons here have been involved and laws here have been broken, then we have to do, that is the RBPF, will have to do what they have to do. 

“This is nothing new, these are ongoing partnerships that we continue to have with countries around the world and as countries do their own investigations and the investigation reach a stage where they can  affix charges and put people before the courts and they feel they have to share whatever they have, we do the same thing,” Mr. Dames said. 

The  allegations  are  said to involve former Director of Immigration William Pratt, his successor, Clarence Russell and one Edward Israel Saintil. 

It is alleged that Mr. Pratt and Mr. Russell accepted bribes to provide Bahamian work permits and work visas to Haitian nationals looking to enter the United States. A charge both men staunchly deny.

Mr. Pratt in a recent statement said he has never met Mr. Saintil, never even knew what he looked like until he was shown a photo online. He added that he never had any dealings with him or any other person in an illegal, unlawful conduct of any kind. 

Mr. Pratt has vowed to seek redress in court.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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