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Virtual School for MICAL- $60 Million School Repair Contracts

Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd revealed the government’s plan to tackle the educational challenges in the MICAL constituency, which includes the implementation of a virtual school. 

During his address at the 2019 Torchbearers Youth Association Convention yesterday, Lloyd said it is challenging to place teachers in the respective islands and schools included in the MICAL constituency.

“Many of those students are not able to take the nine, or 10, or 11 BGCSE exams because they don’t have those courses.  And they don’t have those courses because they don’t have those teachers.  This year, for that constituency, there will be virtual school in MICAL.  Virtual classrooms in MICAL,” he said.

“Technology will rule the day in education.  Education being transformed, $17 million invested by this FNM in digitizing our educational system.  A revolution is underway in education.”

This year, the education minister said the government will invest $360 million in education. 

“As a matter of fact, this summer, hundreds of small business owners have secured contracts with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Works for summer school repairs to the tune of $60 million on the ground this summer in The Bahamas,” he said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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