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“VAT Increase Heartless”

Opposition Senator Doctor Michael Darville says Progressive Liberal Party Senators will not support the 60 percent increase in Value Added Tax (VAT).  

The senator, argued that the increase was “unacceptable, disgraceful, heartless and certainly cannot be afforded at this time.”

He urged the government to stop being lazy administrators of the public purse and look elsewhere to drum up additional revenue.

“You should go and collect real property tax, from the 2,000 plus properties that is already on the book, that are delinquent. Go get the tax, get the government tax,” he said. 

“Stop the proposed amendment that would allow companies in the industrial sector, particularly Stat Oil and Buckeye, who have a serious environmental foot print on Grand Bahama from being reimbursed millions of dollars.”

The former Minister for Grand Bahama who used most of his debate time to defend Grand Bahama, advised  the government to put more money into The Department of Social Services, considering the impact the 12 per cent tax will have on the backs of the poor. 

“I’ve said to the Minister of State, and I really mean it, that there are some issues that supersede politics, and I’m prepared as a resident of Grand Bahama to work along with him in areas that we can find common ground to improve the quality of life for the residents who are hurting so dearly.”

According to Senator Darville, Grand Bahamians gave the Free National Movement five seats in the government, but in return the only thing they got was a 60 percent VAT increase. 

Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis, has said his government looked at what impact doing nothing would have on the country, but that this was not an option, as the case with increasing the 7.5 per cent to 10 per cent.

According to Dr. Minnis, 15 per cent  was just too much a pain for anyone and while the government acknowledges that with the much disputed 12 per cent there would be some challenges, the Prime Minister said the government knows how to overcome these.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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