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Valley Boys, New Year’s Champions

The  results for the 2019 New Year’s Day Junkanoo parade indicate that The Valley Boys Group   gained  bragging rights for the entire year.

The group which is celebrating its 60th anniversary as an organization impressed the  Judges and spectators with the theme, “We Give God Thanks and Total Praise.” 

The Valley Boys accumulated a total score of some 86.95 points,  beating roots by just .48 points

The group won best music , scoring some 93.89, best choreography,  with a score of 93.07, and best overall performance with a score of 89.80.

The unofficial results of the A category also indicate that the Roots came in second with a score of 86.47,  with the theme,  ‘Religion- Hope for Mankind.’ The group also won best banner, best overall costume, best off the shoulder, best lead costume, and best step down. 

Coming in third in the New Year’s Day parade is the Shell Saxon Superstars with a score of 86.43. 

The Saxon’s theme was ‘Join Da Party- Let’s Celebrate your Festive Occasion!’ The Saxons also took home best free dance and best Shirley Street Performance.

This group place fifth in the Boxing Day parade.

In fourth position is One Family with an overall score of 85.27. Genesis came in fifth place and received a penalty of 20 points.

The Music Makers and the Prodigal Sons did not participate in yesterday’s  parade.  

The unofficial results also indicate that the winner in the B category is Colours with an overall score of 76.47. This  group  also won the Boxing Day Parade as well. 

Colours Entertainment received a penalty of 0.20 points.

Colours’ theme was ‘Festivals of The Bahamas.’ The group also won best overall costume, best Shirley Street performance, best choreography, best lead costume, best music, best free dance and best performance.

Coming in second in the B category is the Original Congos,  with a score of 74.17. The Original Congos  came down  Bay Street  with the theme,  ‘The World of Communication.’

The Original Congos won best banner, and best step down.

In third is the Fancy Dancers with the theme ‘The Western Frontier’ scoring some 71.46 points.   

The Redland soldiers came in fourth place with a score of 67.04.

The  Chipping Knights  and  The New Vikings were disqualified from this year’s parade.

Dion Johnson, a Valley Boys supporter and Marshall expressed his excitement with this year’s win.

“We are elated about the Valley Boys victory here tonight. We worked hard in the shack and it is a tribute to our past leader Gus Cooper,  because he worked hard and instilled a  work ethic in us to make the Valley Boys what they are today.

“At the End of the day, between Boxing Day and New Year’s is just seven days. They  get to celebrate for seven days, but The Valley Boys get to celebrate for a year. Seven days between Boxing Day and New Year’s, but The Valley Boys are the champions for the entire year.  

Despite the turn out for the 2019 New Year’s Day parade being not as impressive as that of the 2018 Boxing Day parade, Minister of Youth Sports and Culture Lanisha Rolle said that she is still satisfied with the turn out. 

“There is always less for the New Year’s parade, Boxing Day is the main parade, but  tonight I am very pleased to see the amount of persons that are here compared to last year. 

“I think last year we had some rain as well for New Year’s,  but the turn out you see is very good here in Rawson Square and straight along;  so we’re really getting the support, we just need to keep that energy going and we need to continue to be innovative, I believe,” said the Minister. 

“We’re going to look at improving in cooperation with the JCNP whatever regulations to make sure the parade continues to flow smoothly and we would get more people to come out and simply support, but I am very pleased with the turn out here today,’ Mrs. Rolle said.  

According to JCNP officials, the official Boxing Day results will be released within 48 hours.   



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