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US Visa Services Back To Normal

US Visa Services at the United States Embassy have returned back to its full schedule today.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell announced yesterday in Parliament that the since its closure on Monday and it’s reduced services offered yesterday, the US Embassy is back to its regular schedule with the issuing of US Visas.

Services were shut down on Monday morning due to the vice-consul at the embassy being robbed and injured on Sunday while walking to church.

The minister during his statement yesterday clarified exactly why the absence of the 74-year-old vice consul would cause a halt in the embassy’s service.

“Conspiracy theorists abound about what this or that action means. I wish only to deal with the facts as we know them,” he said.

“The explanation from the US is simple. The vice consul was one of a specialised group of rare experts in her field and the US government indicated that they were challenged in her absence to find the level of expertise which is reposed in her.”

“Thus the brief surcease yesterday. Happily that is behind us.”

Mr. Mitchell also wants all Bahamians to assist in ridding the country of crime and hit back at Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis, who said bashed the government for how blaming crime on the FNM when they were in office.

“It is the government’s view that matters ought to be put in their proper context. A serious event transpired. We should not make it worse by exaggerated claims,” he said.

“For example, the opposition described what happened yesterday at the embassy as unprecedented and called us to account for a stewardship. This, is as it should be, the calling into account although it is regrettable that a political division takes place over this unfortunate incident.”

“I remind them however that during one of their terms a minister of the Government was murdered. That too was unprecedented but we got through it by logical and rational responses to a difficult problem.”

Police have in custody a 26-year-old man in connection with Sunday’s robbery.

The minister urged all Bahamians to rededicate ourselves to ridding the country of crime and assured the American Embassy that they have the full support of the Bahamian Government in protecting all within our borders whether visitors, diplomats of ordinary citizens of The Bahamas.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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