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Unsettled that unfortunately search efforts have stopped for Forrest and Donna Sanco, their relatives have continued to take matters into their own hands.

Spending their personal money initially to start the efforts, the relatives have resorted to opening a bank account in the newlyweds names in addition to the GoFundMe account which was created first once it became apparent the Sanco’s were missing.

“We’ve also opened up a checking account under ‘Bring Forrest and Donna home’, that way if people don’t want to do the GoFundMe here locally, they can just write a check.

“All of the money that’s going to their account is going to be used for the search.” Donna Sanco’s daughter-in-law Tressa Simmons told The Journal yesterday in a telephone interview.

Fortunately, a lot of the search efforts have been funded by donations, but the Sanco’s relative’s endeavours are far reaching as they plan on other ways to achieve funding to assist them with their costly efforts.

“We’re going to try to do a fundraiser or a benefit soon to try and get some more funds to fund the search efforts because it is really expensive to have the plane in the air.”

One cannot ignore the tremendous amount of emotions that the families are dealing with. Tressa Simmons, who is married to Donna Sanco’s son; kindly shared with The Journal how her husband is coping with the this entire sad ordeal.

“It’s an absolute roller coaster of emotions; the unknown. He’s just mad a lot of times, and then it will be just like a hit in the gut; crying and just hurt. It’s heartbreaking.”

She continued, “Most of all, they need answers. We’ve got to be able to find something. That’s the main reason we are searching and hopefully, they’re not just lost. We’re so afraid that we’re not going to be able to find anything and we pray that they are not just lost.”

Unable and unwilling at this point to face the reality of possibly never finding the Sanco’s, Mrs. Simmons said, “That’s going to be the worst thing to live with, not knowing anything. So we keep praying we find something, anything.”

Working arduously and persistently, the relatives of Forrest and Donna Sanco are putting pressure on the United States Government and the US Coast Guard to still aid them with their efforts, despite jurisdiction laws that the US Coast Guard cannot enter Bahamian territory unless invited by the Bahamian Government and the Royal Bahamian Defence Force.

Once the missing person’s case is still open the relatives feel that more effort can be done with the search. Mrs. Simmons stated, “We’re not going to let anybody forget about them.”


Written by Jones Bahamas

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