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Two Women Sentenced For Drugs

Two Jamaican women pleaded guilty to drug charges Friday and were each sentenced to four years in prison.

Ionie Heron, 51, and 29-year-old Kerone Dawkins, both of White Hall West Moreland, Jamaica were charged with two counts each of importation of dangerous drugs and possession of dangerous drug with intent to supply.

The women were arrested by authorities last Wednesday in two separate incidents.

Police arrested Dawkins around 1:00p.m. Wednesday at the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA).

According to reports, after acting on intelligence Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) officers searched Dawkins, who had just arrived on a Copa Airlines flight from Panama and found 2.4 pounds of cocaine on her.

The drugs have an estimated street value of $16,000. Officers also seized some $1,200 from Dawkins.

As Dawkins stood before Magistrate Andrew Forbes, she explained that she left Jamaica for Panama on March 26 to go shopping and while at her hotel room a man named “Calvin” offered her $2,000 dollars to smuggle cocaine to The Bahamas.

She added that Calvin gave her a girdle to put on which contained the drugs that were stitched in the seat of the underwear.

She was ordered to check in at the Grand Central Hotel upon arrival to New Providence and wait for an individual to retrieve the drugs from her.

Dawkins confessed that she was aware of what she was doing and was prepared to face the consequences if caught.

About a half hour later last Wednesday, police arrested 51-year-old Heron at a hotel in downtown Nassau after finding 2.4 pounds of suspected cocaine in a carryon bag in her hotel room.

According to Heron who shared a similar story, a man named “Delroy” sent her to Panama, where she stayed for a week and was then ordered to where a girdle and briefs containing drugs.

She said she didn’t know what kind of drugs was contained in the girdle and was promised that she would receive money in exchange for the drugs once she arrived in New Providence.
Officers also seized $765.26 from Heron which were believed to be proceeds from illegal drugs.

Both women were subsequently sentenced to two years behind bars on the first count and four years on the second count.

Their sentencing will run concurrently.

Magistrate Forbes also ordered that the two women be deported once they have served their sentences.

Additionally, he ordered for the monies that were confiscated by police to remain as police property.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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