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TUC President Opposes WTO Ascesion

Trade Union of Congress President Obie Ferguson has spoken  out against the Bahamas’ ascension to the World Trade Organization (WTO).  More specifically, he disagrees with  the  free movement of people from countries and regions that are essentially a part of the WTO – a claim negotiators, on behalf of the government, deny will happen with participating countries. 

Mr. Ferguson, during a recent press conference said that movement is already in effect. 

“You know Bahamians, we’re just an amazing set of people. I mean why are we supporting WTO? What good logical sensible reason. 

“[If] A guy apply for a job, he has a Master’s Degree  in Mathematics, a Master’s Degree in Economics, a law degree and he is a lawyer; and I can bring him here today, because you know there is  free movement of people.

“If  you go to the Pointe, then you go over Paradise Island, then you go down to Baha Mar, what do you get there? And that’s free movement of people? That thing is in full effect,” Mr. Ferguson said. 

He  added  that talks about the Bahamas joining WTO is nothing new as some 16 years ago seminar was conducted on the same.  

Now  Mr. Ferguson  is questioning the difference with then and now what is being done to prepare Bahamians for the WTO.

“In  2003,  we put on a very extensive WTO seminar in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  It was funded by ZNS,  the government of The Bahamas, BEC, BATELCO and all of them. 

“And what happen? Nothing happened  from 2003. Now you come back in 2019 and you say you want the Bahamian people to buy it. They can go ahead and buy it. 

“I don’t want to sound pompous, but you know,  I anticipated this kind of behaviour. I have a Bachelors Degree in Hotel and Tourism, I have a Master’s Degree in Management Science and I have a Law Degree, with honours, from the University of Buckingham in London, [because] I anticipated this kind of behaviour. 

“You have to prepare people for things. You can’t just say okay we are going to compete, how could you compete? 

“And that’s the problem I have with WTO. There is no preparation, none whatsoever as far as the work force in this country, none,” Mr. Ferguson said. 

According to lead negotiator for The Bahamas, Zhivargo Laing, The Bahamas anticipates ascension by the year 2021.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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