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‘Troubled’ Students Blocked From Schools

A number of troubled students are not being let back in their classes despite having undergone mandatory rehabilitative programmes over the summer.

Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald said he has received numerous reports from directors of organisations like the Lead Institute and Programme SURE asking why their mentees, both male and female, are not being let back into the school system.

Minister Fitzgerald said his ministry’s director, Lionel Sands is now meeting with junior and senior high school administrators to find out why.

“I have received reports of that from Lead and Programme SURE,” he said. “I have communicated with the director to look into that and find out what the reason and rationale is for that.”

“We have to ensure that once we are satisfied that whatever the issues are that were confronting them in school has been satisfied and that they reintegrate themselves back into the community. As you are aware we have placed more significance on order within the school system, so I feel much more comfortable and I want the message to go to the principals that they can feel much more principal with bringing these kids back onto campus.”

But Minister Fitzgerald noted that in order to keep this order on campuses, the teachers, too, have a role to play in being more vigilant and observant of their students’ behaviour and intervene when necessary.

The minister said the mentors have reported that many of the students who went through the disciplinary programmes have made the necessary change and want to return to their classrooms.

While adding that it is in the country’s best interest to give them a second chance, he admitted that there is more work to do with some students.

“Many of them want to come back into the school system and of course we need to be able to bring them back in, give them a second chance and let them know that there are a new set of circumstances on our school campuses,” he warned.

“We are not going to tolerate any type of violence on our school campuses or any type of bad behaviour on our campuses and once they are able to abide by the order on these school campuses then they will be able to remain in school.”

The education minister added that there are some students, though, who require more intervention than others.

“I don’t want to increase the numbers at these programmes,” Minister Fitzgerald added. “I want more intervention in the schools.”

“It’s just that some students are so disruptive there wasn’t sufficient staff to help. But with the reintroduction of school policing I think that will help.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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