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Trade Disputes Filed For C V Bethel Teachers

Two trade disputes have been filed on behalf of the teachers at C V Bethel Senior High School, President of The Bahamas Union of Teachers, Belinda Wilson confirmed yesterday.


Through a lengthy whatsapp message, Mrs. Wilson responded to Education Minister Jefferey Lloyds comments to reporters, on Tuesday, regarding teachers who sat out of the classroom following an alleged attack on a teacher by two male students.


Mr. Lloyd told reporters outside of Cabinet that the decision teachers took was “illegal and contrary to the industrial agreement”. 

However, Mrs. Wilson said in her statement that she took grave exception to the Minister’s assertions. 

“The teachers at C. V. Bethel yesterday were in meetings with the principal and district superintendent going through the draft health, safety and discipline plan that the teachers spent an enormous amount of time putting together.  

“I take grave exception when the Minister of Education is giving incorrect information,” Mrs. Wilson said. 

She  also sought to clarify that the teachers, who were traumatized by the incident.  We’re working along with the administration at the school to put a plan of action in place.  

“The  teachers devised a plan as per our collective bargaining agreement and they have agreed to work along with administration for the plan to be successful.  

“Some aspects of the plan will ensure that rules regulations and policies are adhered to by the students.  Teachers are rostered themselves in strategic places on the campus,” Mrs. Wilson said. 

She  chided  the  Minister, suggesting that more suitable administrators be placed in positions, as she stated matters school related can be resolved at a better pace than they currently are.  

“In fact, I implore the Minister of Education to cause his administrators to be truly evaluated to test their suitability for these positions. 

“So many of the matters can be resolved in a more timely manner if they would focus on operating their schools efficiently and cease from trying to prevent the Bahamas Union of Teachers from representing our members,” Mrs. Wilson said. 

In  the House of Assembly yesterday, Mr. Lloyd reiterated his sentiment of the illegality of the teachers to stay out of the classroom in the ensuing days after the altercation. 

“It is important to note, the school system in The Bahamas is a safe place for learning and teaching. 

“Notwithstanding this assurance, the ministry continues to review, evaluate and adjust where necessary to the evolving consideration regarding safety and welfare.

“Mr. Speaker, this House is informed  of  the  relationship between the ministry and its teachers, governed by the 2015 Industrial Agreement which is still in force,  states the process by which grievances should be handled. 

“This labour withdrawal did not observe that process,” Mr. Lloyd said.  

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