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‘Tourism’s Hot’


As visitor arrivals in The Bahamas continue to increase, Minister of Tourism Dionisio D’Aguilar assured that “tourism is hot” and predicted that more than seven million tourists will visit the country this year.

“And, because tourism is so hot, our economy is growing and creating more and more employment opportunities for our young people!” D’Aguilar said, during his address at the opening of the Free National Movement’s Torchbearers Youth Convention at Melia Nassau Beach Resort on Thursday evening. 

“Ever since I was appointed the minister of tourism, some two short years ago, the tourism sector has boomed!  The growth in visitor arrivals has been nothing short of exceptional.  In fact, I deemed 2018 as a historic year for the Bahamian economy in that, 6.6 million foreign visitors made The Bahamas their vacation destination, the most foreign visitors to come to The Bahamas in any one year, in the history of this country!”

According to D’Aguilar, tourism’s statistics for the first six months of 2019 are in and the phenomenal growth in tourism arrival numbers continues. 

“So, let me make some predictions for 2019.  Let me tell you why your future is secured! Barring any major weather events, I predict we’ll achieve many new records in 2019,” the minister of tourism said.

“Stopover visitor arrivals will achieve a new record in 2019.  Cruise passenger arrivals will achieve a new record in 2019.  Arrivals into New Providence will achieve a new record in 2019.  Arrivals into the Family Islands will achieve a new record in 2019.

“I predict that over seven million foreign visitors will come to The Bahamas in 2019.  If that happens, FNMs, you know what that means?  Since the FNM took office and Dionisio James D’Aguilar, member of parliament for Freetown became the minister of tourism and Hubert Alexander Minnis became the prime minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, over one million more foreign visitors per year will be. Over one million more, per year!

“So, if you pass me in the hallways of this convention or conversely out on the streets of Freetown and you want to give me a new nickname, may I suggest you say, ‘Hey one million more man!’ or ‘Hey seven million man.’ Say that and everyone in The Bahamas will understand what you talking about!”

D’Aguilar also pointed out that employment in the tourism sector increased by 24 percent and encouraged the youth to take advantage of the business opportunities emanating from the economic growth. 

“Over 20,000 cruise passengers visit a destination somewhere in The Bahamas every single day!  Think of the business opportunities this presents to up and coming entrepreneurs.  And many of these foreign visitors are just looking for something experiential.  So, put on your thinking cap, and create an opportunity for yourself,” he said.

“As for the Family Islands, many, many hotel and restaurant projects abound.  So, if you want to go back to the Family Island of your roots or simply settle in a Family Island to get away from the hustle and bustle of Nassau, tourism-related projects, especially in the development of your very own Airbnb type products, present you with numerous employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.  

“The explosion in offerings of accommodations and car rentals and boat rentals to our foreign visitors has blown open the ability of hard working Bahamians to finally eat a piece of this Tourism pie.  So, young FNMs, make sure you get a piece of this pie.”

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