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“Terrorist Actions by We March”

Labour Minister Shane Gibson yesterday slammed the “We March” movement, calling it a politically motivated group predominantly comprised of elitists.


Mr. Gibson is convinced that the group’s primary agenda is to destroy the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).


However, “We March” organisers insist their efforts to get the government’s attention are by no means politically motivated.


Meantime Mr. Gibson is adamant that there is an untold motive behind the movement; and that it is being funded by elitists with similar motives.


“If you want transparency, you come and tell us where you getting all of your money from. You bring all of the receipts. You say you want to be transparent, you want accountability, you say you want freedom of information. Well why I need to come and seek it. If somebody asks, you say here is the information. Here are the cancelled cheques, and the bank accounts. Don’t tell me to come to the confines of your office and you’ll share the information with me. We know who is funding them,” said Minister Gobson.


“This is politically motivated. If it wasn’t, and somebody tells you to come and sit down and talk, you’d sit down and talk. So they’re telling us now, we have an ultimatum. If we don’t do these things, we’re going to do this. That sounds like terrorists actions to me. If you really wanted to have a conversation, you’d sit down and have a conversation,” he lamented.


“So we are concerned, but we are also taking it into proper context, by which it’s being given. Why do you have a problem if this is non-political and not against the PLP. But now look at the placards. They always oppose the PLP. I want you to look at the mix of people out there. These are all elite people. They are trying to play on the sympathy of the common man,” Mr. Gibson insisted.


Mr. Gibson’s sentiments came during his appearance yesterday as a guest on the Love 97 daily talk show, “Issues of the Day”, alongside PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts, who agreed with him.

Mr. Roberts went as far as to say the group’s actions were racist.

“They keep changing what their motis operandi is. I remember they invited me, the PLP chairman to march with them but I never got an invitation. I told them it’s a right way to go about these things. Then they said they were only joking about it, saying they only wanted to see how I would respond. So they obviously have an agenda of their own,” said Mr. Roberts.

We March Lead Organiser Ranard Henfield has said the group’s only concern is to receive justice for all Bahamians.

The group has conducted two major marches for this cause, with the most recent being this year on Majority Rule Day.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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