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Taxi Drivers Strike Sit Outside Parliament

Members of The Bahamas Taxi Cab Union are in full strike mode in the face of what they say is a complete disregard and disrespect from the government.

Yesterday, bleachers in Rawson Square were taken over by 150 taxi drivers, who were eagerly awaited an impromptu meeting the Prime Minister following failed attempts to speak with government officials over a number of longstanding issues. 

Speaking for the group, Union president Wesley Ferguson said  government after government  promised taxi drivers the world, but that in the end, they’ve gotten nothing.

“Every taxi stand and every taxi driver is suffering under the under the heavy hands of every entity in The Bahamas, everyone has the upper hand on taxi drivers. 

“They have pushed the taxi drivers to being the lowest of the lowest.

“Taxi drivers have been disrespected, they have been marginalized, they have been minimized and every negative connotation that you can think about. 

“Taxi drivers have suffered  over the last 61 years and we were quiet, we sat down and we took it,” said Mr. Ferguson. 


The main bone of contention for the 1,135 strong Taxi Cab Union  is  tour companies stationed at the Lynden Pindling International Airport.

“Some Minister decided that they are going to allow SUV’s or delivery cars to operate like taxis, well taxis are governed by a specific law, our laws are in the books.” 

“If this government decides that they are going to abide by the law and want the taxi drivers to abide by the law,  then the government is also responsible to uphold the law and to also abide by it.

“Delivery cars are now operating from the airport on a caller system which is totally illegal.

“The letter of the law says that they must operate from a place of business, pre-arrangement, a letter or by telephone,  not hustling for taxi work head up,” the union president said.    

The union is  also decrying working conditions down at Baha Mar where Mr. Ferguson said taxi drivers are forced to work in unhealthy working conditions.

He further opined that there is the added claim that taxi drivers are positioned far from the resort’s entrance with no means of communication.

When it comes to the Prince George Wharf, Mr. Ferguson said the area is  a prison.

“You have Dell securities that put taxi drivers off  the dock  for asking the tourists if they want a taxi.  They put taxi drivers off for as much as three months at the dock immediately.

“The law says that the only entity that is responsible for the disciplinary measures of taxi drivers is the Road Traffic Department;  that is gazette.

“So there is no way the Ministry of Tourism cold contrive their own tribunal and put taxi drivers off the dock in a minute. 

“No recourse, no fair trial, no representation and 100 per cent of the time the taxi driver  is guilty,” he said.     

The union said  members  plan is to sit outside the House of Assembly  until the Prime Minister meets with them.   

Written by Jones Bahamas

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