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Talks to Begin over Future of Energy Supply

By Keile Campbell
Journal Staff Writer
With the summer months notorious for electricity bills being higher, also the fiasco of the
cancelled fuel hedge deal due to a decision by Minister of Works and Utilities Alfred Sears,
the government will soon begin discussions concerning long-term solutions to energy supply
in the country.
Labelled “Kick-off Meetings for the Integrated Resource and Resilience Plan for the
Electricity Sector,” the meetings were expected to take place earlier this week, where the
government will engage in discussion with the Caribbean Center for Energy and Energy
Efficiency (CCREEE) to continue to develop its Integrated Resource and Resilience Plan
(IRRP) which will guide how the country can supply energy on a more long-term basis.
Bahama Journal sources said the collaboration with CCREEE will develop the IRRP within
the framework of the National Energy Policy for 2013-2033, which will in turn modernize,
diversify and facilitate energy efficiency in the country at an affordable and reliable
In the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) Blueprint for Change manifesto, one of its targets
aimed towards a reliable, sustainable and affordable energy while reducing reliance on fossil
fuels, also transforming 30 percent of The Bahamas energy supply to rely on renewable
As for the IRRP, though it does consider energy sources that the government is trying to
move away from such as conventional power plants, diesel engines and gas turbines. It also
considers renewables such as solar and wind farms, as well as geothermal and hydropower
power plants.
The CCREEE are linked to CARICOM and CARICOM’s energy policy, that are tasked with
gathering data “in order to develop and codify the IRRP planning and processes, identify key
responsibilities, set timelines for activities and recommend criteria and standards for the
development of policy and processes.”
Government officials such as Financial Secretary Simon Wilson, Bahamas Power and Light
(BPL) CEO and Chairman Sheveonn Cambridge and CCREEE Executive Director Dr. Gary
Jackson were expected to attend this week’s meeting.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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