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Sustainable Nassau Action Plan launched

A preliminary investment of some $7 million will be pumped into a Sustainable Nassau Action plan, a project that focuses on bridging contrasting communities such as the Over the Hill community with Downtown.

Addressing the issue yesterday in the auditorium of the University of The Bahamas   during the launch and Ideathon of the Sustainable Nassau Action plan was Local Government Minister Frankie Campbell.

Mr. Campbell informed  that his ministry will be working closely with Office of The Prime Minister to bring such endeavour to fruition all while focusing on the needs of Bahamians.

Mr. Campbell stated that heavily structured governments have often proven themselves too slow and too bureaucratic to adapt and take advantage of innovations.

“If we are to be successful in making drastic improvements to the quality of life of our citizens and residents, we must empower our people to part of this process of change.

“The communities that are most impacted must have the greatest say and ownership of the prescribed solutions to their problems.  The only way to make this happen is through new, more localized governance models,” the Local Minister said.

Mr. Campbell further indicated that legislation is being drafted to create an agency tasked with managing the development of the Over the Hill communities.

Meantime, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) plays a vital role in getting this Sustainable project off the ground.

IDB Chief Housing & Urban Development division representative Tatiana Lizon offered details pertaining to the project while focusing on emphasizing the importance of urban development in small coastal cities such as Nassau.

Ms. Lizon stated, “an important component of the action plan for Sustainable Nassau includes actions in restoring and protecting coastal ecosystems, improving disaster planning and preparedness and adapting greener infrastructure, housing and improving water supply.”

In addition ,the  IDB will be introducing an Urban Planning concept to assist with this action plan.

The  IDB‘s Housing and Urban Development Division lead specialist, Gilberto Chona, shared some key points IDB will be focusing on.

Focusing on how to make the Bahamas and Bahamians more sustainable, Mr. Chona revealed a model IDB used to assess their way forward.

“We introduced an Urban Planning Concept that basically looks at two areas of the city; Downtown waterfront with possibilities to improve mobility, accessibility, the quality of the space and the possibility of creating economic and employment opportunities.

“And the Over the Hill, the South part of the area in which we identify an interesting, practical and vital opportunities for Urban upgrade,” he said.

Moreover, Mr. Chona explored the priorities of the Sustainable Nassau Action Plan, like mobility, sanitations, and households at risk to natural disasters and how to better remedy solid waste.

The action plan project hopes to foster more neighbourhood communities as it will also looks  at creating more community spaces with parks.

The Sustainable Nassau Action plan’s total investment will amount to $450 million.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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