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An alleged case of tuberculosis at R.M. Bailey High school prompted several days of screenings, beginning last Friday, for all teachers and students.


Parents have been asked to send in school health forms along with completed and signed consent forms for the manteaux screenings.


Just last Wednesday, Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands revealed that screenings were taking place in Eleuthera as the surveillance unit of the Ministry of Health has noticed an increase in outbreak on that island.


The Eleuthera screenings will be followed up with another such exercise in Exuma.


Dr. Sands said the TB germ does not respect persons, nationalities, ethic groups or social advantages thus they must work to find and eradicate the disease among all.


The Minister added that so far this year, there’ve been two active cases of tuberculosis and all the contacts have been evaluated. However, there are still 100 other individuals out there, who’ve been exposed to the disease and require additional testing.


He said that the Ministry of Health has in the meantime come up with a detailed plan to better fight the illness.


“Early detection of cases, widespread screening (including skin testing), appropriate treatment of cases, strategies to manage cases of drug resistant TB, adequate nutrition and social support, ensuring adequate ventilation in homes and follow up with contacts,” Dr. Sands said.


Tuberculosis is spread by airdrops; therefore, persons living together are at greater risk of exposure.


As many as one third of the world’s population or 2.4 billion people are infected with tuberculosis.


In 2016, there were more than 10 million cases of active TB, resulting in 1.3 million deaths and in 2017. This makes it the leading cause of death from infectious diseases the world over.


Dr. Sands is however hopeful as the Bahamas has an enviable record when it comes to keeping TB numbers down.


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