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Students on Internet Violence

After reoccurring videos of violence in local senior high schools flooded social media, Bahama Journal staff took to the downtown city to find out what the students had to say about this now national issue.

Videos of students belittling teachers and of ferocious fights in their school uniforms have been floating along the realms of the internet over the past few years, however, now more than ever, videos are being recorded, posted and shared for the entire world to see.

Students from high schools such as C.C. Sweeting, C.R. Walker and the Government High School voiced their opinions on how they feel about the issue of in school violence and the spreading of them through social media.

Overall, the students all agreed that the violence in the schools is ‘taking over and is a major distraction’. They also had a few reasons that they consider to be behind the excess violence and they even gave their view on a few solutions.

‘’ I feel that the violence in the schools is really taking over and has an effect on the innocent and guilty because it isn’t fair. The people who are actually focusing on their school work are distracted. ‘’ said a student from C.R. Walker Senior High School.

‘’ Well the teachers are doing a really good job. It’s just the students acting up but I think we could use some more enforcement’’ said her classmate.

‘’ I believe it’s the music influence that influences the students to behave in such a manor. Some of the music should be banned and prohibited from the radio’’ said another.

The C.R. Walker students argued that violence in their school is not a very frequent thing but the media and news ‘’hype it up’’.

On the other hand, students from other schools like C.C. Sweeting Senior High School and even T.A. Thompson said that violence happens in their school nearly every day. They said because of the fights that take place downtown, the students aren’t even allowed to stay there any longer than it takes for the bus to come.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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