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‘Struggles Continue After 46 Years’

After 46 years as an independent nation, The Bahamas is still struggling to build a country Bahamians can be proud of, former Cabinet Minister George Smith said.

During an interview with The Bahama Journal, Smith added that this independent season is a good time for Bahamians to pause and look at the many successes and mistakes made as a nation and chart a course that could be effective by 2023.

“When we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our country, we should pursue becoming a republic so that the real head of state is a Bahamian citizen and not just a Bahamian representing a foreign member of the British Crown,” Mr. Smith said. 

“We should look at examining many aspects of our governmental society. Whether the Senate today is practical, or whether it serves the purpose for which it was intended, I think not.

“We should look at raising the standard of people who are elected these days to the House of Assembly. 

“We have to listen more to young people and find out about their ambitions, but not only just listen to them, but get them involved so they can be the change that they talk about.” 

It is Mr. Smith’s hope that Bahamians will show greater signs that The Bahamas is one of the best countries in the world in terms of peace, civility and in terms of improving the quality of life for all.

“We should work harder to improve our educational level and, or health level. We should improve our civics, how we treat one another,” he said.

“We should learn to treasure those who have made contributions to family, to community and to the nation and I think that we can show.” 

To achieve this, he said, issues like race must be addressed and not swept under the carpet.

In addition, how problems have evolved must also be addressed and not ignored as fleeting comments or moments in someone’s mind.

Mr. Smith said he firmly believes the future of The Bahamas is bright, but it’s up to the people to make it so.  

Written by Jones Bahamas

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