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Smoke and Mirrors

With apology to no-one, we yearn to live in a society where victimization is not tolerated.

We also long to live in a society where all Bahamians and all others who either reside or who are visiting are treated with respect and with the dignity that should come precisely because this is how human beings should be treated.

We therefore wish no less for the supporters of those who are today called to lead.
The same applies to all who support any other party.

In other words, this is a principle we hold – as we do others – most dearly.
Our ears instantly prick up when we hear even a word about this or that person who is being set up to be labeled and sometimes railroaded straight to prison.

This time around, the word we heard tossed about had to do with claims made in both Nassau and Freeport as to the extent to which some Urban Renewal workers were supposedly being set up for victimization by the new Christie administration.

The point being made by people like Neko Grant and others in the high command of the Free National Movement sought to suggest that partisan politics had something to do with certain terminated contracts.

As one news report supposedly reported: “…The Free National Movement (FNM) Grand Bahama candidates lambasted the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) for the pending dismissal of some 38 contracted Urban Renewal workers that they say is politically motivated…”

FNM MP Neko Grant condemned the government for its “vindictive” actions with regard to the employees.

We plead and therefore beg; where [pray tell] is the victimization when a contract comes to an end and when parties to the deal are found to have carried out their part as previously specified?

We honestly believe that Neko Grant does know the answer; as does Dion Foulkes and as does Charles Maynard – and Dr. Hubert Minnis, their leader.

With the truth being crystal clear to us, this is little more than a political charade; a circus and a grotesquerie of the first order.

A deal is a deal: that deals come with rules for entry; rules by which you play and [a day and time stated] when the game ends.

Evidently, therefore not one Urban Renewal Worker has been fired or is set to be given such treatment.

It is as clear as day that there are men and women whose short-lived contracts have been consummated or are about to be finessed in the next few days; thus all of this smoke and mirrors baloney about being fired and about being victimized.

What makes the matter at hand all the more baffling has to do with the fact that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works and Urban Development Philip Brave Davis has said the employees could reapply for their positions within the program presently undergoing restructuring.

While it would be fine and dandy for any or all of these people to get further consideration, the point must be made and underscored that no one owes them a red dime.

This point was also made in Grand Bahama by Michelle Reckley, deputy director of Urban Renewal who accused the FNM of “playing politics” and misleading the public over the 40 ousted workers on Grand Bahama. Reckley was quite adamant in support of the idea that the PLP had not victimized anyone in the Urban Renewal programme.

She recited the fact that certain contracts are set to expire at the end of June. It follows that absolutely nobody was terminated by the PLP government. That should have been that; but we have lived long enough and know enough about how some of our people think and behave that we are today quite certain that those who would oppose the current administration will always be happy whenever and however they can keep the blame game going and growing.

Whether it takes pandering to do the trick – the trick will be pulled on desperate people who are so hard-up for work that they will believe practically anything their ‘leaders’ tell them.

The FNM’s high command should make this exercise the last of its kind they will play.

There are ways still extant where they can yet make the difference that matters.

Their challenge today is to find it.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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