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Serious Crimes Down 5%

Serious crimes against persons and property fell by 5 per cent in 2012 compared to the same time period in 2011, according to Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade, who released the figures on Monday during a Meet the Press news conference.

The decrease, the commissioner noted, was influenced by decreases in rape, which decreased 9 per cent, followed by unlawful sexual intercourse and attempted rape, which posted decreases of 6 per cent and 57 per cent respectively.

The figures have trended downward and represent an improvement over the figures recorded for 2011 when, overall, crime figures were up by 7 per cent.

Murders decreased 13 per cent in 2012 over 2011. The Bahamas recorded 111 murders last year, compared to the 127 recorded a year prior.

Eighty-three people were arrested and charged for murders committed last year, representing a 74 per cent murder detection rate.

Seventeen murder cases are currently being reviewed by detectives and further charges are pending against two New Providence men who were arrested in December for questioning in connection with those murders.

The men have already been charged with six murders.

In 2012, overall, crimes against property decreased by 6 per cent. Police credit decreases in burglary, housebreaking, stealing and stealing from vehicles with the overall drop.

Investigations have revealed that such crimes are committed to feed drug habits. The commissioner said opportunities for jewellery to be traded quickly for cash and a market for stolen property to be cheaply sold are just some of the reasons authorities are challenged by these types of property crimes.

Meantime, nationally authorities seized 46 assorted firearms, 781 assorted ammunition and arrested 49 people in 2012 for either gun or ammunition possession, according to the report.

In New Providence, police seized 34 firearms, 350 ammunitions and arrested 27 people.

In Grand Bahama, police seized 9 assorted firearms, 374 ammunitions and arrested 10 people.

In the Family Islands, police seized 3 assorted firearms, 57 ammunitions and arrested 12 people.

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