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Seniors Face Discrimination, Says Minister

A challenge that older persons are facing on a daily basis is discrimination because of their age. Often referred to as ageism, Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, Lanisha Rolle said that is something that she and her ministry advocates against.

“One challenge we will continue to tackle head on is discrimination against persons because of their age. This form of discrimination is called ageism,” Mrs. Rolle said.

“In this minister you have an advocate for older persons,” she said.

Addressing older persons at the 20th Annual Nation Builder Awards Ceremony, Mrs. Rolle said that a push to maintain an acceptable standard of living for seniors is something her ministry will tackle head on.

“One special need that our society can attempt to meet on behalf of older persons is avenues for alternative jobs after retirement. Older persons might not be as young as they used to be, but they still have significant contributions they can make.

“We have to improve our efforts to sensitize members of the society of the special needs of the community of older persons and proper recognition of and respect for their rights to make decisions, enjoy their personal space and to be treated with dignity and with respect,” Mrs. Rolle said.

“We are further encouraged to enhance our program designs to facilitate the development and proper aging of the older segment of our population.

“Person 60 years and older are vulnerable they have specific needs,” she said.

Mrs. Rolle a self-proclaimed advocate of older persons, said that she and her team at the Department of Social Services said that they will genuinely focus on ways to make a better alternative for persons when they reach their ‘golden years’.

“The senior citizens division within the Department of Social Services exists to focus on this category of persons in genuine need of assistance and to assist them with obtaining or maintaining an acceptable standard of living.

“I believe that it is imperative that older persons have in every institution a senior citizen’s line with chairs for comfortable seating.

“As we are a nation built on Christian values, we must always be mindful of the Holy Scriptures and particularly the advice of Apostle Paul who said in the book of Acts chapter 20, it is more blessed to give than to receive,” Mrs. Rolle said.

Mrs. Rolle stated that more could be done for older persons, especially during the month of October.

“Older persons should have preference in medical institutions, I do believe and special discounts also.

“Yes, by virtue of their age, their irrefutable contributions and distinct needs, older persons ought to be considered for tax exemption and rebates and it may be fitting to explore the possibility of a tax free or discount sales day for older persons in October,” Mrs. Rolle said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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