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Senator Calls FNM Govt ‘Hypocrite’

Senator Fred Mitchell accused the Minnis administration of being a “hypocrite” as the leader and a delegation traveled to Dominica yesterday.

“This is the same administration that criticized me as far as foreign minister for traveling on behalf of the country and the point I’ve always made is that no one has any issue with traveling on behalf of the county, but they’ve made a fuss about something which is entirely silly and made no sense at all, and now they’ve turned out to be the biggest hypocrites about this,” Mr. Mitchell said in a video message yesterday.

Mr. Mitchell then went on to explain his confusion about the particulars of the travel.

“When I listened in last week, not only is the prime minister flying down with two ministers on the plane, his foreign minister started off by saying that he wasn’t going to travel, which is a foolish thing to say as a foreign minister,” he said.

Mr. Mitchell added that traveling on behalf of the country, no body begrudges them and it’s just the hypocrisy of it all.

“All of a sudden love for people in the Caribbean after they’ve whipped up all the hysteria during the CSMD debate, now they’re crying these crocodile tears for people down in the Caribbean,” he noted.

Mr. Mitchell further articulated his discontent with how the present administration handled delivering the news to Bahamians.

“We support generally, aid to anybody who needs assistance. It’s just that this was done so poorly by them which have caused an adverse reaction amongst the Bahamian people,” he added.

Moreover, he posed the question, “Whose plane is it and who is paying for it and how much does it cost?”

The senator said the Progressive Liberal Party has no issue with travel for the country, but the Free National Movement made a big fuss about it when the PLP was in office.

Mr. Mitchell pointed out that in the last month the prime minister, the minister of immigration, the minister of health, the minister of transport, the deputy speaker and the minister of education have all traveled overseas.

Before that, he said, it was the tourism, sports, agriculture, and labour ministers traveling overseas.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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