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Sands: Gov’t doesn’t care about Bahamians

Recently appointed Senator Dr. Duane Sands lambasted the Christie-led administration stating that they do not care about the well being of Bahamians in regards to a recent gas leak.

Dr. Sand’s comments arise in regards to MP for Marathon stating he felt the government did what they could in regards to a recent Rubis gas leak in the Marathon constituency.

“The facts speak for themselves,” he said.

“If you have a leak in 2013 and a report that is issued to the government by 2014, and it’s a year or more before that report is released to the public, when the information contained therein is damning, and your response is I’m concerned about losing my job, its shows you the nature of the content held for the welfare of Bahamians.”

“For a government who professes to be concerned about Bahamans, to sit on a report for a whole year, now that’s what you call a scrap gang.”

During an appearance on Guardian Radio talk show “The Revolution” Mr. Fitzgerald said he did all he could under the circumstances.

He added that he had no regrets over how the government handled the situation and said from the evidence, the government did it in an “expeditious manner.”

A report completed by the Black and Veatch in February 2014 was not made public until April 17, 2015, after residents in the area expressed outrage at a town hall meeting.

The report pointed out risks to public health for residents of Marathon near Rubis on Prince Charles Drive.

When asked why he had not released the report as soon as he found out, Mr. Fitzgerald said he would have been fired on the spot and cannot discuss what happens in Cabinet.

Attorney General Allyson Maynard when asked by other media outlets to discuss the report said that she is not prepared to discuss it at the moment.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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