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Scores of Bahamians, including political leaders, musicians and other community notables attended
a memorial service yesterday in honour of musical legend Ronnie Butler.

Butler has been described as a pioneer and an excellent musician, but Ronnie Butler Jr said “he was simply dad.”

“When I let go of who I thought he should have been and accepted who he was, I found that the parts of us that were the same began to flourish. And all of a sudden I discovered a father, my father who was proud and fond of my accomplishments curious and longing for my happiness,” Butler said.

He added that he has many fond memories with his dad and remembers his dad telling them that he loves them.

“Sitting on the couch laughing and screaming till 2am at bad Kung Fu movies. Leaving each other voice notes of dirty lyrics for new songs. Watching CNN endlessly. And him teasing me, giving me that look when I go for another plate of food, then telling me to fix him one because he cant stand to see people eat and he’s not eating,” Butler Jr said.

Ronnie Jr said his dad ensured that they followed what they were passionate about and when the radio was off. He did his best to become a better person.

A number of friends and former politicians gave heartfelt tributes in the William Johnson auditorium Joe Farrington Road.

Former MP Alfred Sears said Butler’s example showed that as the Bahamas welcomes guests and foreign investment, they should always be given priority and incentives to realize the full potential of the Bahamian creative imagination and intellect.

Long time friend, Fred Ferguson said he will continue the work Butler started in ensuring that musicians are properly recognized and accepted in the country.

” I will not stop till a scholarship fund for the purposes of cultural studies in the name of the godfather of Bahamian Music Ronnie Butler, is established at the University of the Bahamas. This will be something that will be able to live and breathe so that the name of Ronnie Butler will never be forgotten,” Ferguson said.

Former MP Leslie Miller shared many fond memories he and Butler shared, stating that in years past, they would talk over how underappreciated artists were and recount the former days when artists were praised in clubs and bars. 

The memorial was attended by local artists, politicians and fans

Plans are now in the works for a memorial concert in his honor.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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