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Rollins Says Termination A Farce

Days after he was fired as chairman of the Gaming Board, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Member of Parliament for Fort Charlotte Dr. Andre Rollins said the fact that he was terminated from the post further proves his belief that it is time for new political leadership and maturation in the country

In fact, he said his firing can best be summed up as “a useless exercise,” one the government undertook in a show of power and authority.

“To say that you are going to fire somebody when there are eight days left, according to the government, in that individual’s tenure, as far as I am aware the boards have not been reappointed.

“So I think it was a useless exercise. One filled with political theatrics that amounted to nothing more than political posturing. It was all for public consumption.”

It was reported that Dr. Rollins’ contract as Gaming Board chairman was nearing its expiration date when he was fired.

The outspoken MP on several occasions over the past few weeks, publicly disagreed with a number of legislative changes the government is seeking to make.

But his parliamentary contributions, while democratic in nature, oftentimes ended up being a roast, where he blasted Prime Minister Perry Christie’s leadership and accused him of punishing those who went against the party grain.

Both the prime minister and Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis defended the government’s leadership numerous times in the House of Assembly and even invited Dr. Rollins to “do the honourable thing” if he felt so strongly about his party’s leaders.

In a brief press statement release on Friday, the government thanked Dr. Rollins for his service and wished him well in his future endeavours, as they relieved him of his duties.

Dr. Rollins’ termination from the Gaming Board came only days after he resigned as party whip for the PLP following the contentious debate on gender equality.

Dr. Rollins told reporters Monday that despite what is being said about his alleged calculated moves to climb the political totem pole, he is not on a power trip and is in no way looking for fame.

“That’s not what it’s about,” Dr. Rollins added. “I really, genuinely want to see us bring about change in this country and for those who question my motive, that’s their right.

“I am still a member of the Progressive Liberal Party and I will continue to fight for change in the Progressive Liberal Party, because I believe the country needs reform on any number of levels.”

It was also reported that State Minister for National Security Keith Bell has since called for a by-election in the MP’s constituency, but Dr. Rollins advised that there are far too many crime issues for Minister Bell to tackle to be worried about his parliamentary seat.

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