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Roberts: D’Aguilar Demonizes Blacks

Bradley-Roberts pic

Bradley-Roberts picProgressive Liberal Party Chairman Bradley Roberts continuing his ongoing war of words with Free National Movement candidate for Montagu businessman Dionisio D’Aguilar.

This time, Mr. Roberts is hitting out at Mr. D’Aguilar for what he calls his “demonization” of his black employees and customers.

“His continued attacks on the PLP government present him with a dilemma and credibility problem because he is challenged to explain his expanded wealth in the face of what he calls an evil and incompetent government. He must also explain how and why he relishes in demonizing these same black Bahamian customers and employees who continue to facilitate the expansion of his wealth, hand over fist.

“To poor complaining multimillionaire D’Aguilar – some unsolicited advice. Firstly, Bahamians would not sympathize with a crybaby spoiled brat millionaire with a gold spoon in his mouth. Secondly, instead of complaining, D’Aguilar needs to be about campaigning and winning the hearts and minds of those he seeks to represent,” Mr. Roberts said.

Mr. Roberts added that also hit out at Mr. D’Aguilar over his proliferation in bashing the current administration through the media.

“With so many important issues facing this country, I loathe to respond to media comments attributed to FNM candidate Dionisio D’Aguilar. While I regard his comments as unfortunate and at odds with reality and the facts, I make a few observations at the invitation of the press and for the record.

“The record PLP’s record of empowering Bahamians from all walks of life is legendary. Our major beneficiaries of our policy of Bahamianization and our economic policy are our white brothers and sisters who comprise much of the merchant class. That is a fact.

“As he runs to the media and seeks to convince Bahamians that the PLP is evil and bad for The Bahamas, D’Aguilar continues to earn profits hand over fist from his wash houses, this supermarkets and his fast food franchises; his business empire is in full expansion mode. In fact, notwithstanding his empty vitriolic invective, his supreme confidence in the Christie led government to manage this economy is tangible and evident by the expansion of his business empire,” Mr. Roberts said.

The pair have traded multiple barbs through the media over the past several months.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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