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RISE Cards Distributed

A step forward has been made in the war on poverty as the first RISE pre-paid cards were distributed yesterday at the Ministry of Social Services headquarters on John F Kennedy Drive.

The campaign was designed to not only eradicate poverty in the country but assist with education and health as well.

The card distribution marked the final sequence of the three-phase program.

Minister for Social Services Melanie Griffin said that the program’s impact has already been felt all throughout the country.

“There are three phases of the program, first targeting or registration, second enrollment and then finally payment, to this date we have completed he targeting phase in four of our outreach centers, Wulff Road, Robinson Road, Eight Mile Rock and North Andros.

“We expect to commence the first rollout of rise for the remainder of New Providence and Family Islands very soon,” Ms. Griffin said.

Ms. Griffin added that the new card would offer recipients more options than the previous version.

“It is notable that when we introduced the pre-paid cards for the food assistance programs it was restricted to only food vendors, while the RISE pre-paid cards would have some restrictions it will allow clients more flexibility with meeting the needs of their households,” she said.

“Clients with a receipt of the RISE pre-paid card will be able to withdraw a maximum of $50 per month from The Bank of The Bahamas and the balance on the card could only be used at approved vendors, grocery stores, pharmacies, book stores, clothing stores, shoe stores and gas vendors.”

Also in attendance at this monumental occasion was Prime Minister Perry Christie, who said he understood the plight of the poor persons within the country because of his expansive ministerial portfolio.

“When people speak about my having a heart it’s because I have been the minister responsible for Social Services, minister responsible for National Insurance, Housing, Health , social welfare .

“So I had the opportunity to examine subjects, areas that impact our national life as a minister therefore I understand the relevance of social intervention,” Mr. Christie said.

He also said that because of the country’s size a study on poverty in low income areas should be very feasible.

“The country is small enough for us not just to do samplings in which we draw conclusions but to be able to go into every house in disadvantage areas in particular and visit every single family and authenticate the existing programs they have,” Mr. Christie said.

More than 4,000 residents in New Providence are enrolled in the Ministry of Social Services’ Conditional Cash Transfer Program.

A 2014 study revealed that over 40,000 Bahamians lived under the poverty line.

The RISE Campaign was launched in June 2015.















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