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‘Reverse Hurricane Coordinators Appointment’

Opposition Leader Philip Davis is calling for the reversal and reconsideration of the prime minister’s appointment of the hurricane relief coordinators, as he said they are “not in accordance with best practices and violate constitutional norms”.

“It is inappropriate for the president of the Senate to work for the executive branch of the government, subject to decisions and orders of the executive. We would not tolerate the speaker of the house working for the government and so the president of the Senate should not be working for the government either, whether for pay or without pay,” Davis said on Sunday.

Last week, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis appointed Permanent Secretary Jack Thompson and Bahamas Aquatics Federation President Algernon Cargill as hurricane relief coordinators for Abaco and Senate President K. Forbes Smith as coordinator in Grand Bahama. 

According to Davis, Smith’s appointment “ignores the salutary and beneficial importance of the separation of powers, again clearly demonstrating that the rule of law means absolutely nothing to the FNM, but is meant to apply to others”.

“Further, Kay Forbes Smith is already in controversy because of her links to a commercial venture in Freeport which requires government approvals,” Davis added. 

“Her appointment causes us to wonder what the other members of the government who are from Freeport are doing: Peter Turnquest, the deputy prime minister and minister of finance, Michael Pintard, the minister for agriculture, and Kwasi Thompson, the minister for Grand Bahama. Is Kay Forbes Smith going to displace these ministers and if so, how so when she has no statutory executive authority?

“Additionally, Kay Forbes Smith is a known politically controversial figure who invites division and not the unity which is required at a time like this.”

Davis also noted that Cargill appointment also invites controversy. 

“His reappointment to the service was the subject of controversy and adverse commentary, given his previous role in the service. The prime minister has made an unwise choice in bringing him back,” Davis said.

“We are of the considered view that these appointments have added an unnecessary layer to and so elevated the level of bureaucracy that the process of relief and recovery will be significantly slowed down from getting to those who need it, bring political considerations into the relief effort and will simply spread confusion. 

“It was not too long ago that John Michael Clarke, along with a permanent secretary were supposed to be managing hurricane relief. How many cooks are required for this proverbial broth?”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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