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Residents Make Big Stink Over Garbage

Residents in east New Providence are making a big stink over growing piles of garbage that they say have not been collected in as much as three weeks.

Residents of Saffire Ridge, Quail Roost Ridge, Sunset Ridge, Culbert’s Hill and Dodge Road say they have not seen a garbage truck for quite some time.

They said not only is their garbage stinking up the area, but it’s also attracting mosquitoes and other vermin to the area.

“The garbage people usually come on Sunday. Then they changed the days so that they come Wednesday, but we haven’t seen them in weeks. At first I thought it was only our corner, but then as I started talking with other residents I found out that they were having the same problem,” said Crystal Holder of Saffire Ridge.

“Since the storm it’s gotten worse and now stray dogs are beginning to pull the garbage out.”

Last Tuesday, a powerful thunderstorm dumped more than 15 inches of rain in eastern New Providence.

Mrs. Holder said the rainwater has made the situation worse.

“The water has gotten into the garbage cans and you can’t turn them over because they are too heavy from the rain,” she said. “Now, you see mosquitoes flying around the area. It’s disgusting.”

“Once our garbage can is full we’d usually use the neighbour’s trash, but right now everyone’s can is full. It is stink.”

Meantime, a Johnson Road resident who spoke on condition of anonymity said she is growing increasingly frustrated with the garbage.

“Every morning I have to step outside my house and smell that trash and it’s disgusting. I’m not just smelling my trash, I’m smelling my neighbour’s trash and it’s so nasty. They need to come and collect the garbage. It has always a problem around here with garbage collection,” the resident said.

“I see all kinds of rats running in and out of the trash.”

St. Anne’s MP Hubert Chipman told The Bahama Journal yesterday that he notified Environment Minister Kenred Dorsett about the situation.

Mr. Chipman said Mr. Dorsett assured him that he is working on the situation.

Mr. Chipman noted that Tower Estates, San Souci and Johnson Estates have all been impacted.

“It’s a mess, especially since the flood. In Johnson Road the trash is piled up. In Winton it’s really bad. I’ve been informed that the Department of Environmental Health is having equipment problems and only four trucks are working,” he said.

“When [the former Ingraham administration] was in office we used to contact a lot of the work out. But, I don’t think the government has the money to do that now.”

Residents are now demanding that the department resolve the problem immediately before the situation gets worse.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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