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‘Reengineer Governance,’ Says Wilson

Chairman of Sunshine Holdings Sir Franklyn Wilson is calling for the reengineering of the government to bring about a higher level of governance.

Sir Franklyn, who was a guest on Love 97’s radio talk show Jones and Co. yesterday, said in order to reengineer the economy, governance must be reengineered first.

“What do I mean by reengineering the governance? This idea of 20 people sitting around deciding everything that’s, at best, last millennial approach.  The fact of the matter is there needs to be more use of committees, Cabinet committees so things could happen faster,” Sir Franklyn said.

“From what I gather prime ministers seek to organize their Cabinet to make corruption difficult.”

He said, for example, if the minister of housing wants to build some houses and needs money he would have to go to another minister for it.

“I remember Minister Ingraham when he was doing Elizabeth Estates. At the time we were starting Pinewood Gardens.  Arawak Homes was having problems with the Minister of Works Loftus Roker at that time.  Ingraham, as minister of housing, was also having problems with the sewer for Elizabthe Estates,” Sir Frankly recalled.

“I remember one time Mr. Ingraham said to me, ‘Man I’m going to build the houses and when people come to me and say they want to move in and they say they need sewer, I’m going to tell them go see Mr. Roker for the sewer.’  The point I’m making to you is he had that type of power.  He had that sense of approach to governance.

“But the point is prime ministers they seek, like a business.  You see who could sign on the cheques. Try to do it where if someone will steal they have to convince at least one other person.”

He noted that over the past 25 years former Prime Ministers Hubert Ingraham and Perry Christie has made some wise and unwise decisions for the country.

“In the case of Ingraham for example, I honestly believe Ingraham’s approach to what has led to this practice of frail consumer lending, salary deduction which led the level of consumer credit from being like a couple hundred million to more than $2 billion, I really think was a big, big, big mistake,” Sir Franklyn explained.

“I believe Christie’s dealing with the gambling thing was a big, big, big mistake.

“I believe the way Ingraham dealt with BTC was a big, big mistake.  By the way Christie dealt with BEC, BPL was a big, big mistake.

“In my humble view in the 25 years we’ve not had the quality of governance that I think the people are searching for.  That’s why they keep changing because they want the quality in governance that they are not getting.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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