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RBPF Vessels Not Seaworthy

The fight against poaching in The Bahamas is being hindered due to the fact that more than a half of Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) vessels are inoperable and not seaworthy, according to Agriculture and Marine Resources Minister V. Alfred Gray.

In the House of Assembly Monday, Minister Gray said based on information he has received the number of RBDF vessels out to sea is no match for the foreign poachers.

“I heard that in Acklins, there is a mother ship anchored off the island with little boats going out to do fishing,” he said. “My information is that the defence force said it can’t respond because they don’t have the vessels.”

“That is why I must continue to talk badly about the former administration, out of about 15 or 20 only three or four are working. How could that happen?”

Minister Gray said the government has a mandate to secure the country’s borders and must secure the country from poachers.

“I believe a time is going to come when we will be in a position to get rid of these poachers and at least eliminate some of them,” he added. “These poachers are getting bold; they are willing to fight the Bahamian fishermen. They have challenged them on the banks.”

“I am told of stories in Spanish Wells where the poachers have shot at them. Our fishermen are afraid. That’s why when we catch them we have to make examples of them and send them to jail for 10 and 15 years. Let’s take their boats and give them to the Bahamian fishermen.”

Minister Gray said it is a serious matter that the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Government is hoping to deal with soon.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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