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Rape Video Concerns Anglican Bishop

Following the circulation of a horrific video on social media which exposed a man apparently sexually assaulting a young woman in broad daylight, grave concern was expressed yesterday by the Most Reverend Drexel Gomez.

The Anglican Bishop said the act itself was obnoxious.

He laments that compounding the moral crisis is the negativity resulting from social media.

“Whereas people should have the freedom to be involved in the use of the internet, this freedom also brings with it responsibilities. The responsibilities should see to it that things that are put in the public are not only decent, but that they don’t involve exploitation of any kind,” he said.

“I believe that we must do something about the internet because too many negative and immoral things are being shown,” he added.

Also responding to the incident was The Crisis Centre Director Sandra Dean-Patterson who yesterday told The Bahama Journal the act is certainly a wake-up call.

“This is absolutely appalling. It just speaks loudly and clearly to the growing lack of respect and misogyny and it just seems to be hatred towards some women,” Mrs. Dean-Patterson said.

“I hope this can be a wake- up call to all of us to look at what is happening in our community. I think it’s reflecting a growing problem of the developing rape culture that’s happening and we need everybody to speak up against it,” she said.

Meantime, the Ministry of Social Services, in a statement, expressed its disgust with the act which made its rounds on social media.

It said the video speaks to several problematic issues that plague the country, particularly pertaining to women and youth.

“The best way to end violence against women and girls is to prevent it from happening in the first place. This requires determining and addressing violence at its root. Strict and swift justice for perpetrators of such violence is crucial because it ensures justice for victims and demonstrates the government’s and society’s zero tolerance against all such acts,” the statement read.


The ministry maintained it is committed to addressing such issues.


“Each individual has a role to play in ending violence against women and speaking out as witnesses or survivors of such violence. Communities, civil society, and even private sector organizations, should work collectively with government agencies to ensure a coordinated response to ending all forms of violence in The Bahamas,” the statement continued.

Furthermore, the ministry echoed the sentiments of Arch Bishop Gomez, by urging citizens to exercise more “tact” and responsibility when it pertains to what is shared on social media.

“Social media can be useful, but it must also be conscientious, keeping in mind that every human being is entitled to dignity, respect and basic rights – including the right to a life free from violence. We hope that those who captured this on video refrain from such actions in the future,” the ministry said.








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