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Ramsey Ordered To Pay $221,457

In one of the more high profile public corruption cases recently, former BEC Chairman Fred Ramsey was given a non-custodial sentence by Justice Bernard Turner on Friday.

Meaning that Ramsey has to pay a total of $14,000 in fines or face six months in jail.

Additionally, he must repay the $221,457 back to BEC and if the successor is no longer regarded as a public body, the money must be paid into the consolidated fund.

This represents the total he was paid by Alstom SA to influence the awarding of a contract for generators to the company.

If the money is not paid back it will be executed against all of Mr. Ramsey’s real property.

Justice Turner said the notion that cases such as this, foster the ongoing narrative of corruption in the public service and political sector and that Ramsey has done irreversible damage to his personal reputation and that of The Bahamas.

Council for Ramsey, Wayne Munroe, QC argued at a hearing last month that Ramsey had already suffered enough with the removal of his insurance license and the ongoing public scrutiny.

Turner added that the primary reason for his sentencing was Ramsey’s deteriorating health, as he was a hypertensive diabetic who has suffered multiple strokes over the past few years.

Consultant neurologist Dr. Clyde Munnings had said further incarceration would ultimately worsen Ramsey’s physical state or possibly lead to his demise.

Turner said, “If it wasn’t for his health he would very well be on his way to the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services.”
















Ramsey was convicted of 12 counts of bribery and 2 counts of conspiracy to commit bribery on May 3rd; his underhanded dealings were discovered after a Connecticut court ordered Alstom SA to pay $775 million in fines because of their breach of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.


It was revealed that Alstom SA used middlemen to bribe government officials throughout the world.


Ramsey’s case has been used as political fodder over the past several weeks with PLP chairman Bradley Roberts using Ramsey to highlight the corruption that took place under the FNM’s administration.


Roberts using Ramsey’s case to counteract statements made by opposition leader Dr. Hubert Minnis who attacked the PLP for their involvement in several political scandals during their tenure.


Ramsey is a former Free National Movement Council Member and former parliamentary candidate for Fox Hill.



Written by Jones Bahamas

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