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Public Servant Honored

A number of high serving government officials and permanent secretaries gathered at the Attorney General’s office yesterday to honor a long serving member.

Cynthia Gibbs was honored at a ceremony yesterday for her outstanding service and dedication to the various ministries she served under.

Prime Minister Perry Christie reflected on Ms. Gibbs’ tenure and his personal connection and experiences he shared with the honoree.

“I’ve come to honor someone who joined the service in 1969, who has served in so many different capacities and how she has moved through the ranks.

“When I met her when she was about to be made permanent secretary and I went to see her was the first time I had a real conversation with her and we had quite a personal and deep but enriching conversation.

“The conversation enabled me to get a better feel of who she was as a person and her attitude towards service,”Mr. Christie said.

Mr. Christie also spoke about Ms. Gibbs’ husband Richard he also spent numerous years as a public servant.

“She got married to someone who had a defining career as a public service who worked in building and if you were a person who held a ministerial position you became very familiar with him, ” Mr. Christie said.

Retired Permanent Secretary and longtime friend Leila Green said it was Ms. Gibbs’ hard work and wisdom she learned on the job that made her so exemplary and she serves as inspiration for others to follow.

“She got the opportunity to work in what we call the super ministries or the Ministry of Works, Ministry of Education and Department of Public Service.

“As permanents secretaries we know the work in these ministries are voluminous but Cynthia took it on and developed her skills and her knowledge as an administrator and she always carried that wherever she went.

“She also knew about the challenges faced by the very day Bahamian as well as public servants and was always able to counsel persons and help them with whatever obstacles they faced,” Ms. Green said.

The lady of the hour reflected on her time as a public servant and gave some advice to persons that are younger than her that are aspiring to reach her position.

“There’s a saying that goes you must always be prepared and preparation academically and socially and to be accepting of responsibility.

“The Public Service is not an overnight career, it applies that you will be around for quite some time, the promotions may not come when you expect it but when supervisors see what you are contributing and you will eventually get that reward.

“ Also make the sacrifice to get the necessary academic qualifications because that is what’s going to make you stand out from the crowd, because there are so many persons in Public Service you have to find some way to separate yourself, ” Mrs. Gibbs said.

Mrs. Gibbs spent a total of 42 years as a public servant.



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