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Press Secretary Explains Victimization Claims

Despite assuming office less than a month ago, the new government has been accused of victimization with the latest claims of four executives at the National Insurance Board (NIB).

During the first press briefing yesterday, Press Secretary Anthony Newbold answered questions concerning government audits and victimization.

“No matter how it’s spun by the position, audits are going to be conducted across the spectrum of government. That’s the only sensible way to get a handle on the state of where you are,” he said.

“I don’t know how many of them have started, but I know the national insurance one has started. We hear things thrown around about victimization because people are moved around, sometimes situations look worse than they are. They may not look as bad as they are. Sometimes you need to move people around to get to where you need to get to.”

Mr. Newbold, who will function as a liaison between reporters and the prime minister and by extension, ministers, also informed reporters of the information that was discussed during the first two Cabinet meetings.

“The first cabinet meeting on the 16th, the prime minster took the opportunity to outline ach minister framework and each minister was provided with the rules of procedures for working in their ministries,” Mr. Newbold said.

“They were reminded always to remain within their portfolios. I also need to tell you that Earnest Young also made a presentation to Cabinet on the proposed audit in public sector agencies. This is in keeping with the prime minister’s statement about needing to know what is going on in various ministries.”

The government will present the 2017/2018 Budget Communication in the House of Assembly today.

As for what can be expected, Mr. Newbold could not say, but again noted that much of the lingering questions surrounding the numerous policies outlined in last week’s speech from the throne will be fleshed out.

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