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Popular Beach Restroom In Disrepair

Unsightly and dilapidated conditions have plagued the Goodman’s Bay public restroom facility for quite some time now and a group of concerned workers at the popular beach have requested the government’s assistance in correcting the inhumane conditions.

Hundreds of tourists visit Goodman’s Bay beach on a weekly basis, soaking up all it has to offer – sun, sand and sea.

But, when it comes time to visit the only public restroom on the beach, some have described it as a disturbing experience.

Pedro Bannister of Pedro’s Water Sports has worked on Goodman’s Bay beach for a little over a decade and he says not much has been done to ensure that the restroom facility is properly maintained.

“The conditions are not humane. It really needs to be looked at because this is a tourist drop off area. This is the only public bathroom in this vicinity and most of the taxi drivers bring all of the tourists right to this spot on Goodman’s Bay and it’s not a pleasant experience when these persons have to use the restroom and they are greeted by unsightly conditions. I really believe something should be done to upgrade the restroom,” Mr. Bannister said.

At first glance, the public restroom is presentable, but after stepping inside, its appearance leaves much to be desired.

The dilapidated restroom facility had dirty sinks, broken and out-of-service toilets, a caved in roof and restroom stalls that have no doors for privacy.

“They have a group of folks out here who work in the bathroom to try and keep it clean, but it’s not really the cleaning process that I have an issue with. I have an issue with the lack of maintenance of the facility,” Mr. Bannister said.

Mr. Bannister said tourists are visibly disgusted by the run down conditions.

He is calling for an immediate upgrade to the area that has been neglected for years.

“I’m not trying to point a finger at anybody, but the same way how they put that brand new restroom facility on Saunders Beach, this area has been here for 10 to 15 years now so they really should deal with this first,” he said.

Deputy Director within the Ministry of Works Caldwell Pratt told the Bahama Journal that he was unaware of the dilapidated conditions at the Goodman’s Bay restroom facility.

He, however, assured that an inspection team would be sent to the facility today.

If the inspection team’s findings are conclusive with the Journal’s report, he said officials would give the facility a facelift.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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