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Police Wear Body Cameras

IMG_5014In an effort to reduce the level of crime in The Bahamas, the Royal Bahamas Police Force has introduced Point Blank body cameras that will not only help in the fight, but will also make police officers accountable.

During a demonstration of police officers in action outfitted with the bodycams, Commissioner of Police, Anthony Ferguson said that the force is very excited about the initiative.

“I can tell you that the officers are excited.  I’ve spoken to any number of persons in the community and they are excited to see the police advancing at this level of technology.

“We in the police force, including the executives and all members are very excited,  because we believe that this will help the police image wise and boost the public confidence with the police,” Commissioner Ferguson stated.

Not only will the body cams help with the criminal element,  but will also make officers accountable as it will capture the daily moves of officers, according to Commissioner Ferguson.

“When the police interact with members of the public,  they can be assured that the police will be behaving with utmost level of professionalism and members of the public will be pleased to know that they are truly our friends.

“They [will] know, when we speak, we are speaking the facts as it is and there will be no doubt as to the actions of the police have taken.

“It is my intention to, once the testing is done, we will no doubt move to acquire this practice for all of the mobile units,” Commissioner Ferguson said.

According to Commissioner Ferguson, the devices will be preset and officers will not have the option to turn the cameras on and off as they may wish.

Police officers in Grand Bahama as well as Abaco also have access to the Point Blank body camera.

To date a number of police officers of the Mobile and Traffic Division as well as plain clothes officers are outfitted with the new technology.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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