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Police Commissioner assures the public is safe

Despite the daily crime reports, Police Commissioner Anthony Ferguson is assuring the public that they are safe to go out this Christmas season without fear.

This comes  after crime statistics show that the overall  homicide count  is down at 89 so far this year. Commissioner Ferguson said the general public is not a target. 

“We want the Bahamian public to come out and enjoy the Junkanoo, we want you to go out and enjoy yourself, trust me go out and enjoy yourself. 

“You are not targeted. You heard it from me. I am telling you what we know, everyone else spoke what they know,  but here is what we know,” he said.    

To those who argue that with still more than a week to go before 2018  comes to an end, the Commissioner   expressed confidence that the homicide will not reach triple digits.

“The almighty God is our guiding star, that is who we look to. I think from the time you knew me as Commissioner , I never just speak things, I watch things, I analyze it and when the opportunity came, then I speak,” he said.   

Still, he stressed the need for people to be cognizant of the company they keep and to be equally careful on social media.

“I think people ought to be very careful with the company they keep and the congregation that they are sometimes in. 

“Also, be very careful of the reports on social media. Somebody woke up the other day and spoke about persons running in and robbing Wendy’s.

“It’s a lot of fake news. Then there was this report that somebody send me last night where somebody just woke up and talked about the landing gear on Bahamasair, I’m sure that came around to y’all, why would we want to wish harm on people? Why?” he asked.     

Written by Jones Bahamas

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